The Rules

How to elect a Party Animal

Who is eligible to be elected Party Animal?

  • The Party Animal must be chosen at an RG and not before or after the RG.
  • Everyone present at the RG is eligible to be chosen as the Party Animal for that event.
    • Note: you cannot vote for the person who "made it a great party by not showing up."
    • The person who is collecting the votes and any member of the Party Animal Hall of Fame cannot be chosen as the Party Animal.
  • Only one Party Animal can be elected at an RG. There can be no ties.
  • Anyone campaigning for Party Animal is automatically eliminated from the running.


Who can vote?

  • Only HELL's M's can vote.
  • Everyone who is currently a member or has ever been a member of HELL's M's can vote for Party Animal.
  • Each attending member gets one vote. Proxy votes are not allowed.


How are votes collected/tallied?

  • Only a member of HELL's M's can collect the votes.
  • For the votes to be valid, there must be at least 10 HELL's M's at the RG who vote.
  • Votes are to be collected privately from individual Hell's M's, not in a group or a group setting.
  • The votes must be collected on the last day of the RG — yes, you can start collecting them after midnight.
  • The person collecting the votes should hold off on voting until the end to act as a tie breaker if necessary.
  • Whomever gets the most votes gets the award.


What happens once a Party Animal is elected?

  • Send in the name, address, phone number, and shirt size of the new Party Animal and name of the RG.
  • Also, include the vote tally — the names of everyone who received votes and the number of votes they received.
  • The person elected will receive a t-shirt and a HELL's M's membership through the next renewal date.


Updated 9/2/2020

Click here for a form to use to collect votes.