Hell on Wings

You cannot join this chapter - membership is a gift from someone else. It is given to say thanks for what someone has done or how their action affected others. The awarding of a membership in this chapter is not limited to saying thanks for a person's action at an RG - it can be given to acknowledge a person for the difference they make in others' lives. The recipient will receive a Hell on Wings shirt as well as a certificate detailing the nature of the thanks. See the shirt order form for costs.

To enroll someone in the Hell On Wings chapter and get them the shirt and certificate you need to send Mary Lee the following information:

Address, City, State, Zip
Phone number
Shirt Size
To: (name as you want it to appear on the certificate)

If you can get the email address and Mensa membership number (if they are a member, which is not required) for your recipient, it would help.

Send this information, along with payment, to:
M Stockton
5284 Raymond Way
Central Point, OR 97502