Welcome to HELL's M's - the party SIG (Special Interest Group) for Mensa. The SIG started at the joint US and Canadian Mensa Annual Gathering in 1988 as the result of a joke that got out of hand. A brief history is below, with a longer history to be found here, and the contacts for HELL's M's to be found at the bottom of this page.

The history of HELL's M's is a story in and of itself. HELL's M's is dedicated to the idea that Mensans like to have a good time - our credo is A HELL's M's party is any party, large or small, where everyone participating in or affected by the party has good memories after the party is over.

The largest concentrations of HELL's M's are at various RG's (Regional Gatherings) and at the AG (Annual Gathering), and many of them are adding to the fun. In 1989 we started a program to recognize those folks who go beyond the call of regular partying - we call them Party Animals. There are of course rules and rewards involved in belonging to the special Party Animal Chapter.

When you join HELL's M's you get a HELL's MENSAN's T-shirt and a year's subscription to our newsletter - Party Smart. There's also lots of other cool stuff with our logo on it in our Booteak. We even have a leather pocket protector.

One of the things HELL's M's are known for is our volunteering to help in Hospitality at the AG. We staff Hospitality for 24 hours with a 3 to 4 people working in 2 hour shifts - after all, somebody has to help give the party for it to be fun for others, too.

Have fun and PARTY.

Archangel SKINNER