How to elect a Party Animal:

  • Only HELL's M's can vote. Everyone who is currently or has ever been a member of the HELL's M's can vote for PARTY ANIMAL. One vote each, no proxies.
  • Votes are to be taken privately, not as a group.
  • For the vote to be valid, there must be at least 10 HELL's M's at the RG who vote.
  • Everyone present at the RG is eligible to be chosen as the PARTY ANIMAL (no, you cannot vote for the person who made it a great party by not showing up).
  • The person who is collecting the votes and any member of the PARTY ANIMAL HALL OF FAME cannot be chosen as the PARTY ANIMAL.
  • Anyone campaigning for PARTY ANIMAL is automatically eliminated from the running.
  • Whoever gets the most votes gets the award. Note, it is usually best if the person collecting the votes holds off on voting till the end, to act as a tie breaker if necessary.
  • Only a member of HELL's M's can collect the votes.
  • The votes must be collected on the last day of the RG (yes, you can start collecting them after midnight).
  • Only one PARTY ANIMAL can be chosen at an RG. There can be no ties.
  • The PARTY ANIMAL must be chosen at an RG, and not before or after the RG.
  • Send in the name, address, phone number, shirt size of the new PARTY ANIMAL and name of the RG. Also send in the names of everyone who got votes, with the number of votes they got.
  • The person chosen will get a T-shirt and a membership in HELL's M's through the next renewal date.

Click here for a form to use to collect votes.