Party Animal

At many of the RG's we recognize one person who has helped other people at the RG have a good time. That person is inducted into a special chapter of HELL's M's called PARTY ANIMAL. This person is selected from all the attendees at the RG by a vote of the HELL's M's attending. If a person is selected as a PARTY ANIMAL at three RGs they are made members of the "PARTY ANIMAL Hall of Fame" and are not eligible to be chosen again.

The most recent PARTY ANIMALS are:

Patty Williams - LoneStaRG (2018)
Tabby Vos - Pandemic RG (2018)
Jimmy Criss - Gulf Coast Mensa SynRG (2018)
Judi Pederon - Carolinah RG (2018)
Kim Horner - SEMMantics 39 (2018)
Eric Marschall - Cincinnati RG
Lynne Masters-Lee - Peachtreat 42 RG (2017)
Paige Neemidge - LoneStaRG (2017)
Bill Keith - Western PA RG (2017)
Kevin Beard - Gulf Coast Mensa SynRG (2017)
Karl Kugler - Dayton / DAMNations (2017)
Leo Doyle - Indianapolis (2017)

Click here for a list of all PARTY ANIMALS.